The Water Maid

Long ago in the central mountains, a young man named Henio became lost while hunting. For many weeks he wandered through the forest, with only his horse to keep him company. He drank the water from the streams and ate berries and the small animals he caught, but he knew that he would perish if he did not find shelter quickly.

One morning, he came to an ancient stone wall. It was so high he could not see over it, and looking in either direction he could see no end.

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The Ring of King Solomon

A long time ago in the far north lands a terrible monster crawled out of a crack in the earth. It was an ancient creature the size of a mountain, covered with scales like boulders. The beast had two orange eyes which glowed with a hellish light. Should any living creature look into those eyes, it would become enchanted, and walk to the beast to be eaten. The monster had a terrible hunger deep within its belly, and immediately set to devour the nearest villages and forests.

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